About Armani Izadi

Armani Izadi is an american businessman, leading hospitality entrepreneur and renowned social media insider. Arman Izadi has been recognized as one of the world’s most successful avatars of viral media, he has built a team that has curated and powered the highest grossing nightclubs in the world, from Macau to Hollywood to Las Vegas, and has been instrumental in helping them achieve staggering margins. Armani Izadi weaves over 15 years of event production and business development together with innovative media to create legendary experiences that move the needle for brands. This results in real business results, sales and success among the brands he chooses to partner with. Arman Izadi is the Creator of the hugely successful “Graffiti Mansion” project in Las Vegas, while working alongside influencers like Disney’s Jojo Siwa, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Tanner Fox, Faze Rug and many more.